Just Build Judge Role!

There are Many people Voting “Meh” Just to win in Just Build! The Seeker in Hide n Seek is Randomly Picked, So If One of the Player Gets the Judge Role to Rate The Builds! It will be a Great Change to Just Build! By this Players can Look at the Other Players Build Styles and Rate them! :slight_smile: Thank You!!!


Hello! :wave:

Personally I would think this can come across a little bit unfair. By having only just one person judging the build wouldn’t be as good because a player can specifically rate a build good on purpose and the others with bad ratings just so the player can win while the others stand no chance. For those that don’t win, I don’t see a way on how they can earn xp other than the winner so their time and effort will also go to waste. I highly doubt that this will be implemented.


Hmmm, That’s a Good Point!

Very similar to this suggestion - Improved voting system(Ranked Judges)