Jump Sprinting Not Affected by Slowness Affect Bug

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Capture The Flag, NA, I believe it occurs in all regions though, all maps in capture the flag.

What is the bug?
I have witnessed people practically every game jump sprint with the flag when you’d typically get slowness and wouldn’t be able to sprint at all, I have even seen my own teammates at the very start of games as soon as we get to the enemy flag take the enemy flag and jump sprint away with it when it would have been completely impossible to buy speed berries to use before taking the flag because it would have been too early in the game to have enough coins to get them and I didn’t see them go anywhere near the enemy shop where you can possibly buy them if you got a couple kills and decided to buy one. Furthermore when I see people jump sprint away from me with a flag whether it be enemies or allies they don’t have any particle effects whatsoever as you would have if you ate a speed berry.

This is such a regular occurrence that I wasn’t even sure if it was a bug or if it was something you could just do. I believe it is something only pc players and possibly console players can do, I’ve tried asking around about it and asked someone I saw doing it in game and they said something along the lines of slowness doesn’t affect jump sprinting. I also found a Mojang bug report stating the same issue of slowness barley affecting jump sprinting.


Device(s) & Version
What platform do you play on (Win10, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android or PS4) and what version of Minecraft are you using? iOS but that has nothing to do with the bug other than that mobile can’t take advantage of this glitch like pc and console can which is very very unfair and game-breaking to mobile players.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots or videos of the bug, if it applies
I have a video but it won’t let me show it here.

Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. However this feature works as intended, both players should move at the same speed without any speed berries. The illusion that you are going slower is because of the FOV alteration after the flag is picked up.