JBlobby Titles - Must Vote plz, thx

JBlobby Hub Titles

Wreck it Ralph Quotes: I wouldn’t include all of these, put I might pick a few

I can fix it!
I’m gonna WRECK it!
“Why do I fix everything I touch?”
“Jiminy Jaminy!”

Hive-Sounding Titles

The Beautiful
The Magnificent
The Creator
Baby Nectar
Builder Bee
Oh, Honey! {possibly insert an adj (i.e. amazing)]

Titles that 1000% Need to be added, no questions asked:

Build-A-Boothe [Max Level Reward OFC]

I would like to mention, if a title is already in the game, SORRY xD

:o Are these spoilers for the game to come. If “I’m gonna wreck it” is a title that is saying something. Same with “I can fix it”

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These would be fun titles to add to the game!

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I know nothing about the game except for it is a building game, but I would like to try and make some cool predictions

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Eh it was more of a joke, just playing around a little


I’m pretty sure as staff he knows how the forums work


why cant i vote on threads is this what being a member feels like

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i know after that incident you don’t want to mess up again, but please don’t go this far