Java Minigames come to bedrock server

Java Minigames should come to the bedrock server

Now, since the majority of the Hive’s Java community will be switching to bedrock to play the minigames, I propose that the Hive adds all Java edition minigames to the bedrock server. It will keep the Java players attracted to the server. It will also give the OG bedrock server community something new to play.

Due to the massive expansion of Minecraft bedrock modding etc, I cant see why the Hive cant do it if its not related to budget and number of devs etc.

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Hey there :wave:

This is certainly a nice idea, but sadly isn’t something that we will be doing.

Bedrock is a very different platform to Java, in that we have to cater to players playing on a wide range of devices, including mobiles and consoles.

Some of our Java games, therefore, just wouldn’t fit on such a platform. We’d also much rather innovate, than copy all of the games that we already released several years ago :grinning:

This being said, we may adapt certain Java games, BlockParty for example is on our roadmap :slightly_smiling_face: