Its about the wrong named color on block party

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Its in the right corner it calls to me CYAN it calls translated in german better TÜRKIS and like in MAGENTA better MAGENTA-ROT because there is many magentas and it must to called RED because there is look like MAGENTA-RED

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Because many peoples doesnt understand the english word CYAN and MAGENTA

Screenshot of the affected text

Hey there,

Thank you for suggestion improvements for our German translations.

After reviewing your suggestions, we have decided to keep the translations for ‘white’ and ‘magenta’ the same, as they are consistent with the translations used in Minecraft for these colors.

That said, we have changed to translation for ‘cyan’ to ‘türkis’, to match the translation used in Minecraft.

In future, to make it easier for us to process suggestions, please report one issue or suggestion per thread, and only report each issue once.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face: