Item shop changes

We could make it so that if you travel too far from the shop keeper it closes the shop. (To prevent shop glitch)

Are we allowed to use the shop glitch, or can you be banned for it

Currently I believe we can use it, but it does say in the rules that abusing glitches are punishable.

Hmmmmm. @helpers can I do this?

You should avoid doing it regardless even if it doesn’t provide you an unfair advantage over others, we will be looking into fixing it sooner or later.


What is shop glitch?

How is it an unfair advantage over others? Everyone could do it

I believe mobiles cannot do it, and secondly it’s against the rules to abuse a glitch anyways.

Oh… (sad doge)

what is a shop glitch
?? is it shop spamming like to get the blocks immediately???
oh no oh nooo i do it all the time

The shop glitch is when at the start of the game, you have no gold so you spam to buy blocks. It doesn’t give you blocks, but you can move during this process, allowing you to move back to your generator and buying blocks from there. This probably subtracts about 1-3ish seconds of rush time depending on the map.

oh no i thought it was a tactic as i saw bluslime doit in his vid or someone else idk so i use it a lot should stop now ig

what is the shop glitch anyway?

not saying because then you might abuse it

Thats probably a good idea.

ye this should be added] like there should be like a 3-4 block radius where u can use the shop and then it closes cuz thats the range in which u can open the shop also bunp becuz this needs to be added

Why bump?

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