It s to laggy

any people who play on mobile can answer this queston basicallyyou need a thing for textures to be just villagers and other stuff to be regular vanilla texures
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Laughs in iPhone 7


Can you clarify what this is asking? Lol

(post deleted by author)

n- no, he literally just asked you if you could clarify

he isn’t making fun of you in the slightest

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He just asked to clarify

sorry i thought e was making fun f me…

So what’s the suggestion?
I don’t mean it in a rude way.

No of course not, I am also a mobile player and would love to Hear your suggestion :relaxed:

I think he/she means that meant that they want the default textures on the server

so like custom npc are villager skins for less lag


i think if u on Mobile u can do /toggleperformance or somethink

ya thats what i mean