Issues with bridge

I feel like the bridge mode when it came out was very underwhelming, and that the new changes made don’t actually address the issues with it. Here are some things that I think would balance the mode and make it more enjoyable.

  1. Let people build above spawns and goals again. Spawn blocking is no longer possible with a lower build limit, and building above your goal is just a way to defend your base.

  2. Spawn us right next to our goals instead of 10 blocks in front. Makes defending your base near impossible.

  3. Don’t try to nerf leap, just remove it. There isn’t going to be a balance where it’s somewhat useful but not overpowered. The whole purpose of the leap is to bypass instead of fighting.

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I totally agree, especially the last 2 points - i would go as far to say i have no idea why they would make the spawn so „dumb“ like, it may look cool when you spawn after someone scored but after a fight that is in the middle of the bridge and you die - you basically lost, you cant defend in time.

I dont know why the leap is still a thing - gapples are so useless because you heal after a kill - how are a leap and gapples equal? Its way to OP and should not be in a bridge game mode.

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