Island Turrets

Island Turrets Damage

Island Turrets are Poggers but they don’t do any damage in your opponents :<

Maybe If they could do some damage it’ll be way better >:)

Also, the max turrets amount in your island is kinda low >:l

turrets are meant to

  1. be annoying


  1. deal some kb

not murder your opponents, thats your job


They could deal more kb, then >:l
And they aren’t annoying…

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they can be annoying if your opponent has enough. constant kb is the worst thing to deal with on xbox

constant kb!!!>:D

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I mean, if YOU used turrets, you would probably have a good time, but if you didn’t have turrets, you’d be steaming mad.
I think some of the reasons I’ve won is because they were knocked off because of my turrets without knowing they had.


What do you mean by Poggers?
And dont they already do damage and any kb is already enough although itd be nice if they helped they are shooting arrows after all


I think poggers is a word made by some content creator that basically means cool or great.


I searched and itbwas lije the weird frog thing


According to Google, “Poggers” is an internet slang term that originated from the gaming community and is used to express excitement or enthusiasm about something . It’s often used in response to something impressive, exciting, or surprising happening in a video game, a live stream, or other online content.
I didn’t copy and paste that I swear…


@ImNotBritish107 The way that you wrote it it seems like you did it XD. I dont accuse you for this; I believe you. :wink:

Also, Matcelot dont forget to vote your ideas.

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The 2000’s are calling, they want their word back.

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Ring ring…

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Welcome back @Matcelot! Island turrets I believe shouldn’t deal damage, as this would make them already as bad as a snowball throwing machine(that’s pretty much what it is). Dealing Damage would just be even more annoying and would probably make me rage quit(but in all seriousness it’s already easy to kill a person with a turret, cause it’s easy to get a combo. But still, I see the idea behind this, but if it did deal damage, it probably be more expensive. Over and out :v:

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