IP Ban after X normal bans

The title basically says 90% of this idea, I just like typing(read invis).

So basically, Hive has a policy against IP bans, which is understandable. I totally get giving people two, or even three chances. I also get that there may be multiple users on one IP, and a single user could cause the whole IP to get blocked, but that’s really the user’s fault, Hive’s best option is to just IP ban them.

Basically, Hive could have an anticheat just as good as antigamingchair, and cheaters may still be a problem, as they can only get detected when they cheat, and they could just only cheat(toggle in the case of hacks, but similar applies to crossteaming) in a fight, kill someone, get banned, and create a new account. Instead of letting them constantly repeat this process, you could just IP ban them at a certain point.

Personally, I would choose to set the amount of banned accounts as ten, as like five could be reached with like a misinterpretation of the rules by multiple users on the same IP, and if they go anywhere past five, they will be at ten pretty quickly. Obviously Hive could set it at whatever they see fit, but ten is just what I think would work best.

Additionally, if this was added, I would think that an appeal section(probably in the discord) would be needed, as if someone truly does change their mind and wants to stop cheating, they should be presented with an option to come back. I would also suggest, at bans eight and nine, giving players a warning(like just a message that pops up when the next account on that IP joins(I’m assuming it would be possible, given that they can tell what IP an account is on)) saying “You have been banned 8 times, if you get banned 2 more times, you will be IP banned.”/“You have been banned 9 times, if you get banned again, you will be IP banned.”(the one at 8 is just in case someone doesn’t see it at 9 lol)

Obviously Hive’s anticheat could be better, but as I stated earlier, even the best anticheat(obv excluding client side) may not be able to stop cheaters before they ruin another player’s experience.


Totally agree with this one. Banning hackers on alts is a must.

Hey there :wave:

For various reasons, we don’t publicly disclose information regarding punishments and other related policies.

I do want to mention that some of the claims in some recently uploaded videos regarding our apparant policies on IP banning players were misinformed; we do issue IP bans on players that hack across multiple accounts. This isn’t something that’s new either, we’ve been doing this for a while…

As for automatically IP banning players, it sadly isn’t as simple as this post makes out. When issuing IP bans we have to be extremely careful to ensure that innocent players are not put at risk of being banned as a result.

A large proportion of our players use internet service providers (ISPs) that use dynamic IP addresses, this means that their ISPs frequently change their IP addresses, and reassign them to other customers. This is in addition to the large number of players that play on mobile network connections, where IPs are frequently reassigned as well. Issuing an IP ban against such an IP can cause more issues than it solves.

Tl;dr - we already issue IP bans against players that hack across multiple accounts, and automatically issuing IP bans isn’t something that’s possible for various reasons.