Invisible Zapper Trail in Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery
Zapper Trail

Invisible Zapper Trail
I am reporting a bug that already happened since I started playing Hive Games on Bedrock Windows 10 Edition, the bug is in Murder Mystery and that bug is an invisible zapper trail. I tried to turn up the Particle Render Distance in the Video Settings but it didn’t work, I tried reinstalling the game but it didn’t work. So I hope you can fix this problem soon because I want to see the swirl zapper trails but they don’t appear for me in MM or they are invisible.


Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. We are aware of the issue you are describing, it currently affects particles in some of our gamemodes. Rest assured, it isn’t your computer and it should be fixed soon!

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Thanks for the reply, Splodg3r! :grin::grin:


This bug has been fixed. If you find that the issue is still occuring, please create another report.