Game: CTF
Account name: theaurastraw
Map: Campsite
Region: NA

Hi, me and my friend were playing Capture the flag when we discovered a bug. On the map Campsite if you hold an item and walk up to the Flowered Azalea in the pot at spawn, hitting the place button will give you a Flowered Azalea in your inventory, I went to place it down and stood on top of it:

To which I was banned from CTF for 30 minutes, as on other player’s screens the block is invisible.

I went on to an alt account (ThaLastStraw) to see if I can replicate it, and while I was still able to grab the Azalea and place it for a split second, it would disappear before I could stand upon it.

Device: Andriod
Version: 1.19.73

Hey there :wave:

While we were able to reproduce the second half of your bug, the first half isn’t coming quite so easily. Does anyone else have more information on how we can reproduce this?

Thanks in advance

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Im going to see if i can replicate this.
Edit: i was unable to replicate this.