Invis text return!


Re add invisible text

More information:

This is mainly for staff, I know you removed the invisible text for some reason but it has caused a lot of controversy and I’ve bet u saw the fallout form removing it and hear is wat I’m suggesting you add it back for regulars cuz I’m a newer member to the fourms But I know it’s been around for a while and I’d like to see the return of invis text so you don’t have to see the extra gibberish u type for 20 letter or numbers I know most of my fellow formers would like to see the return of invis text, thank you for hearing wat I had to say and pls put this into consideration

(I might be risking my account but I said wat I said)


Yeah I know bout that way but I have trouble doing dat…


what if we got regular, and then lost it

Splodger has already said that they would be re-adding it after the change the rules on the use of invis text

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Invis text what’s that