Innocent detector reworked

**innocent detector should be given to murderer,when there’s only 1-5 innocents remain.

And also instead of the innocent detector going hot or cold,it should instead function like a compass,pointing at the nearest innocents.
(It’s hard when the last innocent is camping in a tree and is calling you a noob)

this’d be cool but a bit overpowered. don’t forget to vote for your own post!

I think this is a good idea besides maybe the tracking compass part but I’ll vote

Yeah i’ll give this a bump, always thought the hot and cold was a little difficult to work with as it really only gives you the general area of a player

I think your idea is gud, but i feel like jut should be op dated in another way.

Sometimes the innocent detector shows “HOT”, but really if you’re playing on a 2nd floor map the innocent is really above you. So beside the meter, I think you should put an up and down arrow to show What floor they’re on. ONLY WILL WORK IF THE METER IS ON HOT

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Oh yes, the current tracker is defo in need of a rework. While this might be slightly op, it is rather rare that a murder actually wins a game, so i dont see much of am issue with this.
Hoever, i do like joeytheking999’s idea that the tracker should only show when it says hot.


Yeah, the hot-cold idea seems a lot more plausible and balances the game more.

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They just need to add UP-DOWN like the person above had stated.

Yeah, I agree with Seb. This would be pretty OP and unfair to innocents.

Well this also helps when someone is camoflauging and you legit cannot find them, because you expect them to have a bow and your being more careful, you may also panic and that in turn can make you not see them as well, and I HATE those people who camo, it’s not fun and they basically ruin the match.

so that just means the will murderer will win no matter what right, we receive an innocent detector when 60 seconds are left cause it gives the last chance/advantage to win while giving a 50% chance to the innocents as well so ig its well balanced. Because I think it will be too OP for the murderers I am not voting

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