Innocent detector reworked

**innocent detector should be given to murderer,when there’s only 1-5 innocents remain.

And also instead of the innocent detector going hot or cold,it should instead function like a compass,pointing at the nearest innocents.
(It’s hard when the last innocent is camping in a tree and is calling you a noob)

this’d be cool but a bit overpowered. don’t forget to vote for your own post!

I think this is a good idea besides maybe the tracking compass part but I’ll vote

Yeah i’ll give this a bump, always thought the hot and cold was a little difficult to work with as it really only gives you the general area of a player

I think your idea is gud, but i feel like jut should be op dated in another way.

Sometimes the innocent detector shows “HOT”, but really if you’re playing on a 2nd floor map the innocent is really above you. So beside the meter, I think you should put an up and down arrow to show What floor they’re on. ONLY WILL WORK IF THE METER IS ON HOT

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Oh yes, the current tracker is defo in need of a rework. While this might be slightly op, it is rather rare that a murder actually wins a game, so i dont see much of am issue with this.
Hoever, i do like joeytheking999’s idea that the tracker should only show when it says hot.


Yeah, the hot-cold idea seems a lot more plausible and balances the game more.

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