Infinite levels

Ok so my suggestion is, is that can you guys make the all the games :infinity: levels cause I’m max in skywars and it’s really not fun anymore since I’m maxed out and there’s no point of doing it if I’m max level and when I eventually hit 100 on treasure wars then it isn’t gonna be fun either so could u guys do that???

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This is a duplicate suggestion, which means it’s already been suggested before. Use the :mag: in the top right before suggesting :slight_smile:


Oh ok I didn’t know that lmao so would I delete this or does it stay cause I’m a bit new to this lol

wa- thats a completely different thing

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Honestly, I disagree with infinite levels. For one thing, it would be extremely hard to come up with infinite rewards for each level. Another thing, the level cap gives players a sense of completion and shows their dedication to the game. Having infinite levels to grind with sounds fun on paper, but it has consequences…

What’s the point of endlessly grinding if the rewards will be the same thing everytime with no end? This could be very stressful for players who have already reached a high level. Leveling up won’t be very rewarding or fun since with infinite levels, there isn’t a great way to tell a high-level player from a low-level player. For a level 100 player for example, its easy to see that they have lots of dedication to the game and have a lot of experience. However, if players could infinitely grind & reach level 500, this would make a very dedicated level 100 player look like someone with little experience or playtime. This is why I think the level cap is important and benefits the server and its players. Reaching a new level is supposed to be fun and rewarding. With that taken away, there would be no reason to grind.

Besides, if you reach the max level, you can still complete quests. Plus, grinding isn’t the only reason to play a game. Its to have fun as well. With all that said, I think the level cap should stay.


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