Increasing ur chance to be murder/sheriff for the hive plus users

Hello everyone! I have a suggestion and it’s about increasing your chance to be murder/sheriff bc I made a test to see how much you need to play matches to be murder/sheriff and I was shocked when I knew that u need to play 20-15 match to be the murder/sheriff and that’s a lot! So I suggest the hive team to increase the chance to be murder or sheriff for the hive plus players to make the rank more worthy bc the hive plus isn’t worth 10 dollars for only lifetime boost and the other stuff r useless so please make it more worthy and I suggest to increase 25%-30% for the hive plus players (and sorry for my bad grammar I hope y’all got what im saying)

You realise your not the only person that isn’t the murderer? People that have waited longer get higher percentages. People who have recently been the murderer get lower percentages, that’s fair because everyone gets a fair chance at being murderer/sheriff. If u are saying that it takes a long time at the moment, it will take even longer for the people without hive+, and that just isnt fair. Hive likes including everyone, not just people that support them. But welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay.


I really appreciate your comment :smiley:
Yes, you have a point with that, but isn’t the hive rank useless? I mean look at cubecraft like egg wars rank that gives u the chance to vote for the items like op, hardcore, normal. My point is the hive team should increase the chances to be murder for the hive plus players or even the normal players because this take too long, what about in every 5 matches u will be the murder/sheriff that will make the game more fun bc u can become the murder many times, isn’t that right? (And sorry for my bad grammar)

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This rank is good imo. U get double quests, xp booster, a costume, 3 hub titles, 3 avatars, double map vote power, and more things in the future. I do not feel this should be implemented, as it would just make mm way less fun for people without hive+. Every 5 mathes u are the murderer/sheriff??? are you joking? People without the rank would never be murderer, thats like saying u should pay £10 to make a game more fun.


Hive plus will be getting more perks when swarms are released also


This should be in #suggestions


I meant even the normal players

Put this in #suggestions:murder-mystery
Maybe they get the 20% Extra Chance if they have the highest chance
so if they played for the longest they get a Higher chance to get murder then anyone else who played the longest

Thank you so much I really appreciate it

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This is still bad, the percentages wont add up.


We don’t want to have advantages in games for Hive+ users. Every single player should have the same chance to get murderer or sheriff :smiley:
@Hlzyzptlk maybe lock? :thinking: