Increase the hives knockback and add an anti cheat for velocity

Please increase the amount of knockback players take when they are hit, I find it too hard to combo players when compared to other servers. And please ban players who use velocity, it is very hard to combo players who use velocity because they tale so little knockback.

Ok look, hives anticheat is like a kindergartener doing there homework,they struggle with it but it’s doing something.the ppl that update the anticheat isn’t coding geniuses.and I think the hive knockback is good,but maybe the ppl u fight have had internet or ur lagging

lag ain’t gonna affect their knockback, only the delay of it’s effect.

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if your a console player you wont almost never combo thats how life is

That’s…why it’s against the rules


The anti-cheat is updated on a daily basis, we currently have no plans to make any modifications to our knockback.