Increase Respawn time

Increase the respawn time in treasure wars to 5 seconds


imagine this. you’re in a 2v1 on an enemy’s island and you’re tryna get their treasure

You can’t

by the time you kill one guy the other respawns and it goes on infinitely until you die.

increase it man

isn’t tw’s respawn time already 5 seconds? or am i wrong?

It’s 3, it increases by 2 every time you lose a treasure in mega.

i guess i need to play more the tw gametypes other than Mega lmao

Respawn Time Is already Slow

If your in Dous, Trios or Squads you should have a teammate to help you (You don’t NEED one tho)

it’s 3 seconds arthur

If you are in duos, count your hits on both players, so you can kill them both at once. You can also block yourself into the treasure with endstone, or something


I understand this and do want it, thing is I sometimes only put a couple blocks around my treasure so this could cost me the game.
My point is, when coming up with ideas like this, would you want them to change once their added, would you find this annoying?