Increase chances for murderer and sheriff

So i feel like murderer and sheriff is too rare on murder mystery, and whenever you’re the murderer you die instantly sometimes, well it’s not fair for the murderer to wait 2 hours and die with no kills, or within less then 10 seconds because a prestige 5 level 100 quickscopes them. well no matter how high the chances are, you still get innocent, so please increase those chances of being murd

How is this supposed to work, without lowering the chances for other players? Every time you do not get murderer for example, you are given one invisible murderer token, once you get murderer, your chances will reset. This makes chances fair and avoids the same player getting murderer over and over again.

If you find yourself not receiving the murderer role as often, it is likely that you are simply unlucky. But as said, Hive wouldn’t be able to increase role chances for one person, without lowering them for other users.


no, i mean for everyone to have there chances increased

If everyone’s chances all increased by the same amount, nothing would change.

Edit: Rechenheft said it better. :arrow_down:

If everyones chances increased by the same value, then it wouldn’t make a difference in how frequently you get murderer. There is one murderer per game, meaning there is a total chance of 100% that there is a murderer. You can’t increase the chances and make that 120% or even higher lol. The only way to make murderer more frequent would be by lowering the amount of innocents per game, which would not be a good change at all.


Tbh I don’t like being murderer. I prefer to be either innocent or sheriff. The chances every player has right now is equal, and even increasing the chances and keeping them equal, as everyone else has said, will result in no change whatsoever. I feel like the chances right now are fine as it is.

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I feel like a better solution to this instead of trying to increase chance of being the murderer just make the murderer a better role someway so it is worth waiting to get it.

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