Increase amount of coins needed to get zapper

So, the Murder Mystery minigame is fun. But there is a problem. You need 10 coins for a bow, right? Its too quick in my opinion. After a minute, almost everyone has a bow and it makes it very very hard for the murderer. I dont like the murderer role because of it, because I die very quickly, and Yes, I try to hide it. I feel like it should be 15 COINS, so the murderer has a chance.

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I think the bow is balanced, it isn’t a cakewalk to get 10 and if you miss your shot you are basically screwed. Murderer shouldn’t be an easy or hard position and I think it is balanced rn


Yes, but it is hard for people who arent good at being murderer. But It is easy to get coins for some, and it is very easy for the murderer to die if most people have a bow.

Don’t exactly want to be rude, but you basically just defined skill