In-game reporting sometimes do not work

Affected Service (Replay Plugin):

The hacked client somehow altered the function of replay in some games making reporting the hacker impossible.

I was using Minecraft v1.20.12.

Screenshots or videos of the bug, if it applies

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. As we look into this, we were wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues? Please include a video and/or a replay ID where possible



This sometimes happens to me too.
Sometimes even in the waiting lobby!

(I can look for it to happen again and give id then)

I have had this happen to me back on 1.18.12 but i dont havw the replay id bc i dont have replay, but yes this is a glitch that seems to happen a lot i think i have heard some other players talk about this i just cant remember the players name

this has happened to me before. although i dont think a hack client that cost $5 would be able to alter the games code so they cant get reported. unless that hacker is really smart that would be simply impossible and considering their name is hortytuna i doubt that

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I think that they can code and they found an exploit and tried to keep it for themselves. It happened twice on me, (someone’s hacking, but reporting is broken). Same hacking styles but different gamer tags. Can devs check HortyTuna199965’s history of games? Check if they have any other replays hidden? Thank you!

its just a glitch that will happen sometimes i dont think that they really care so much about a minecraft skywars win to hack one of the largest bedrock servers code

That is not possible on the clientside, probably!
The client can only manipulate packets being sent to the server.

This is timestampped but with the same situation so pay attention. Thank You!

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We are going to close this for the time being while we look into this further, please create another bug report if you have more information at this time

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