In-Game Reporting Needs Prioritized

I know that the Hive team works very hard on everything coming soon, but I think that in-game reporting needs prioritized. There are sooo many hackers and rule-breakers that I see. I think that a way to shrink the amount of these players on a daily basis would be to prioritize this instead of content updates like the Just Build followup and SkyWars. Making these games more enjoyable before they even come out would be great.


I’d assume there is some weird logistical issue with it, and that would be why it pushed back, obviously I don’t know what this is, but my best guess would be menus and how the commands would work, plus the fact it would probably need to be ran off a algorithm rather then actual admins due to how hard it would be to manage everything,

However yes, this should be priority, skywars can wait, but this is crucial to just build in particular. Obviously they know more about the server than me, but it should be priority number 1


I think this should be in #suggestions as it’s not off topic I guess