In Game Report System!

This is something that any player who has had to face a hacker, or a pair of teamers must face… and that is not being able to report them in time. Whether it be because you are on mobile / console and cant go onto discord without being closed out of mc, or whether you don’t have discord at all, or maybe its because you don’t want to get killed while not paying attention, its a problem.

With how our great anti-cheat bot is it can detect almost all of the cheaters and give them warnings or ban them entirely, but lately there has been a rise in troublemakers. Most notably in the form of teamers, and their anti ban tactics. As long as they punch each other from time to time they will be fine, while the rest of the lobby doesn’t want to tab out to go onto discord, and type out a full survey of the offenders EXACT ign’s and hope that the game hasn’t ended already.

I would propose it to be something like this when you type the command “/report” a menu would pop up showing you a list of “hacking” “inappropriate language” “teaming” and “other” then if you picked other you would type out the offence. After that a menu would pop up with the ign’s of all the players in your lobby, and you would select the person cheating. It would then through a bot, or some plug-in be sent to the bedrock helpers.

This is a big problem and even if it is not through my idea it should be done. ~Zoelys_alt

Hello there!
In-game reporting will be coming soon, as seen on the Hive bedrock trello roadmap, here.


Oh thanks, i didnt know this was a thing. I may as well just delete this post then lol