Improved Tracker Beeping

So when the player tracker is beeping, it seems to be at a constant interval. This kind of bothers me because its just useless(the beeping) and sometimes annoying. My thought is to make it act sort of like a Geiger counter, in that when you get closer to an enemy, it beeps faster. The further away the enemy is, it beeps slower. I’d think this should be only for the enemy you are looking at, because even 10 beeps going at the same time from halfway across the map is going to be annoying.

Yes, I know you can use parallax to get an idea of how far they are, but Hive’s target audience(maybe not for SG though) seems to be under 13, what 10 year old is going to be doing parallax in their head? lol

lmk if I accidentally made a duplicate suggestion lol

I checked all the new threads but idrk