Improve treasure wars anti cheat

I recently saw a player flying around the map 3x(different players) in treasure wars and anti-cheat seemed to not be working for fly hackers plz fix

The hive constantly works on their anti cheat


As Cupcsr said, Hive is working on their anticheat. I’m sorry if it sometimes doesn’t work for you, It can be frustrating :persevere:

It you have Discord, you can type /discord in the Hive and it will give you a code to join their Discord server. There, you can report people who you saw cheating in their ‘reports’ channel. I’m not sure how it works after that (cuz I don’t have discord /: ) but I hope this helped you!

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The Hive has only 1 anti-cheat that I know of and isn’t for each game (As I know). They are working on it almost every day I think. You check the status on their Trello roadmap: Trello Like @iGaboDabo said, go report them in discord if you can.

Have a good day!

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I already know about that but ty tho:)

Hello :wave:
We have a team of developers that work on our anti cheat systems and checks every single day! Unfortunately no anti cheat can be perfect! The system is like a game of ‘cat and mouse’, we have people who develop hacked clients specifically to bypass our already existing checks. These people are the kind of people you will be encountering sadly. I am sorry you have come against these cheaters but please remember you can help out by reporting them on our discord too!

I will go ahead and close this now, as this feature is already constantly being improved and implemented. If you have any more questions feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

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