Improve fire charges

Fire charges in sky wars are barely used so to improve them they should be throwable and explode on impact similar to hypixel. I think this would make fire charges a lot more fun to use and more useful as well

Also imagine the potential for new traps


At first, I thought that you throw fire charges.


Yeah same, they’re so bad considering you get them from the mystery chest


Same XD I kept trying to throw it

But to be real
Snowballs are annoying enough but fireballs would be chaos

Imagine some guy mining 20 gold
And getting alot fire charges

He would probably destroy the whole map

Anyway if this were to be added
Ay least make it hard to obtain


They could make them mystery chest exclusive and it wouldn’t be guaranteed, it could be as rare as a knock back nemo

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That’s a good idea and most people don’t break chest unless they want prot

It would be better if like the boom boxes they didn’t break blocks around them. But it would also make sense to spread fire in a radius where they land. And maybe deal kb

Watch evident for new traps, lol. Somehow he always comes up with stuff jkjk, I agree with you

bruh they suck you cant even get them to move in your invotory they just use a slot and its stupid

i reckon they could be like snowballs or something in terms of physics

Add a cool down like the pearls then so they can’t spam them


I agree with this idea, it would be nice to add some more use to them.

There are enough trappers as it is, and then having campers throw fireballs at you while you’re bridging to their bases would either make you lose or delay the game. It’d be like getting bowed off a bridge randomly but more frequent and also more likely to kill you.

Maybe they should just make the fire charge throwable but instead of dealing a ton damage and knocback just make it light you on fire. And the same amount of knocback a snowball does to you. But it would have a rare chance of being in a mystery chest.