Impliment Gold armor to tw

So I know it’s sounds kinda stupid but plz hear me out, gold is very important early game, but there’s an abundance of it in the late game, so I propose a pretty expensive armor set being gold, costing around 4 stacks of gold, and when you buy it, it’s comes with prot 3, but as you die, every piece loses a level of prot until its as good as chain, at which point you can pay another four stacks to make it prot 3 again, this solves multiple issues, dia armor is no longer super good as you can get this despite nons in dia camping mid, and for campers you can knock them off or smth and with dia, there’s no penalty to death, Ur still op, but with this it gets worse, and it gives gold a better use so u don’t just get unnecessary stacks :slight_smile:

i think gold should be some kind of meme or show off armour

costs alot of gold and what if, it has thorns? golden deflect to ya mate

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Amour with different effects will always be cool unless it does more knockback or has less without anything else


This seems unnecessary, and it wouldn’t really add anything to the game in my opinion.


honestly I would love a meme armor, like the bling boots. It’s the most useless thing ever

Dang, I always wondered what those holy bling boots were. TIL, I guess
Gold armor should be added, but it should have something like less knockback, or thorns.
This will give a tiny bit of variety to armor, and make it difficult to choose between em.
Rn, everyone grabs iron ASAP, and uses it to grab ems for dia armor.
With gold, that would change, atleast a bit.

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i think that instead of gold armor (since its useless) i think there should be gold tools instead u can find it here sorry for being irrelevant but i just wanted to point it out

an idea. a secret hive achievement

somewhere hidden in mid theres a chance an npc will spawn selling the gold armour for some stacks of gold. its location must vary and spawns rarely

upon buying and equipping them you will get the title “Just Golden” and a gold casted steve golem costume. what do you say?


Seems unnecessary to add something like that.

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This sounds DANK AF, but is kinda overkill tho.
Like, yes, but actually no.

That would be awesome.

Giving it prot 3 would make it as good as dia, but it would gradually become weaker so its not op, and you can get it without going mid, I think it would be a pretty good addition and I love the idea of giving it special effects, and after thinking about it thought of some cool things they could add to each piece individually, so you can get each piece, helm could give immunity to first hit, allowing you to get that advantage in combat, Chestplate could save random inventory slot on death, legs could have thorns, and boots can give speed 2 for 5 secs when you’re below 2 hearts, and for more variety you can limit each player to only being able to get one of the effects, let me know what you think UwU

pls refrain from double posting except when ur responding to other people thx

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Sry im just adding on to the original idea UwU

Yeah, no one is going to buy this

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