Ideas for Treasure Wars Balance

-Snowballs from Emeralds to Diamonds
-Reduce the price of Iron Armor
-Upwards Autobridgers (Autowalls) or Staircase Autobridgers (Autostairs)
-Add barriers on top of Set Pieces

-Snowballs Price change. Snowballs are purely used for knockback purposes and are sometimes useless and the fact they cost Emeralds makes it even more worthless (IMO). Diamonds are only used for about 2 things, Iron Swords and Upgrading the generator. So changing the price to Diamonds instead would give not only diamonds more use but also players who are countering other players who are rushing their treasure. I cannot tell you how many I wish I had snowballs at the beginning to knock people off because they were rushing my treasure. However it is easier to get Diamonds so reducing the amount of Snowballs would balance that out.
Change: 1 Emerald for 6 Snowballs -> 1 Diamond for 3 or 4 Snowballs

-Reduction of the price for Iron Armor. The reduction of price would give Iron Armor a practical use. Currently getting 32 Diamonds is laughable and impractical. So impractical that you can get Diamond Armor faster than you can Iron Armor. Reducing the price would give more use to Diamonds and actually see Iron Armor more often.
Change: 32 Diamonds for Iron Armor -> 20-25 Diamonds for Iron Armor

-Upwards/Stairwell Autobridgers. Don’t you hate it when people build upwards and camp your Treasure and wait for you to move away so they can destroy it? Well that’s why theses should exist. These Autobridgers can make walls or stairwells so you can counter those types of players. You can also use these to attack other players as well. If Diamonds for Snowballs exist as well you can counter the counter, contradicting this, however, allows for more interactive gameplay of trying to think if your opponents have these in their inventory.
Addition: Autostairs or Autowalls -> 25 Gold

-Adding Barriers on Set Pieces. Set Pieces, Map, Stage, whatever. Just add Barrier Blocks on the structures and such. This will stop camping on top of the structure that prolong the game that already doesn’t need to be that long. On topic of that players should also not be able to build below the map. The strategy is funny the 1st time but the next you see it, it’s very annoying because you have to spend 5 minutes just to get down there then you get knocked off and die.
Addition: Add Barrier Blocks on structures to prevent camping
Note: You will not be able to buy the Barrier Blocks, that’d be busted.

While I disagree with the Snowball price change, i’d definetly like Auto-Walls and Auto-Stairs.

I am still thinking on my thoughts about Iron Armor price change.

I may disagree with the addition of barrier blocks.


The Barrier Blocks are there for maps like Rome (Trios/Squads Map). In the middle you can literally build up there and camp the rest of the game. Another Trios/Squad map, Snowglobe you can build on top of it and camp there too.

snowballs from emeralds to diamonds

Wouldn’t like this, as this would probably lead to a bit more camping

Reduce the price of iron armour

Pretty sure that has been suggested but I do indeed agree

Upwards Autobridgers (Autowalls) or Staircase Autobridgers (Autostairs)

Nah tw isn’t a battle royale game, maybe the pop up tower that hypixel had for a bit I think, also they could lead to some camping/more base defender strategies which slow the game down alot among other things, also for the reason you mentioned bowing the player or just trying to stack up and bamboozle them might work.

Adding Barriers on set pieces

Yes, yes, yes and yes

Welcome to the forums! Overall pretty good suggestions, and thanks for contributing


To clarify, the Emeralds to Diamonds is to prevent rushing early game, specifically in Solos and Duos. Trios and Squads I can see a problem. In Solos and Duos, however, you’re mostly fighting for Diamond control in the beginning of the game. Some players rush the other team as soon as they get wool and others go for the Diamonds. Typically those going for Diamonds 1st get destroyed by the rushing team. So having this allows for defense against rushing teams.

After discussing the Autowalls and Autostairs with my friends, I do see many flaws.

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I don’t think autowalls and autostairs are outright bad, but they seem way more akin to a battle royale sort of game hive just doesn’t have

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snowballs wouldn’t really change the rushing, as those who go for diamonds first are usually the rushers. Also, snowballs are annoying enough with them as ems. I agree with the iron armor price change, and epearls/bows can stop campers. I feel like barriers should only be at the very top of the map, not the buildings as going on buildings can lead to interesting fights

I just wanna add make every area within a map 2blocks thick so people can’t mine into it, glitch through, block it up and all players quit, I understand that this is bannable, but in general that’s a simple way of preventing it

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but wouldnt that destroy the purpose of speed bridging?

You seem to be a PC player that doesn’t care about Switch and Xbox. Look, I am a console player and speedbridging is a very hard thing to do. So I think Auto-Stairs and Auto-Walls are really needed.

Also, welcome to the forums!

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um buddy i play on pe and put a large amount of time teaching myself to speed bridge i openly hated xbox players for awhile because they can basicaly auto place i dont mean to be rude but i put gruling amount of time into being taken seriously as a pe player however getting back to your statement i feel auto bridgers are another reason a crouch bridging new player to stay at the gen and hog gold when i could already have gotten another squads tresure even if they were on pc im sorry for coming off as rude but by saying that you discourage me my many hours and my 1095 kills

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If you can play switch you can jumpbridge I’m almost certain btw

I have a Switch to test this, but it’s kinda out of battery right now, so I’ll edit this with results of my test

Just tested it, Switch can do it.

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I know for a fact pc and xbox can do it, so don’t see why switch can’t


Everything lags and idk if this is for all consoles but Switch has an issue where the frame rate drop from 60 to 30 for no reason and it makes it harder to speed bridge. Like I said idk if all consoles has this issue because it happens to me every time I play, and it doesn’t have to be just the Hive just literally anything Minecraft Bedrock related.

i think the snowball price change would make mayhem but this time it’s actually unbalanced completely, the autobs well no it would lead to people using it to skybase and the stairs why stairs they’re useless, iron armor price change of course we all want the price down but i want it to be 25 diamonds.