Idea:hive style texture pack

hive styled texture pack like how everything hive has made in their server looks. it can cost the amount the maps are. tbh this is a smart idea because i think it will be good and if you make it I will buy it when I get change

More information:
it can have a costume like Steve or Alex

-alfvee thank you for your time to read this

This is an duplicate suggestion

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I really dont think you even know what this one is suggesting, idek.

@ShinyAlfvee can you explain more?

if it has low fire and doesn’t look like a reject from hell I’d buy it
first good marketplace pack maybe don’t lock this admins pls consoles need a good marketplace pack but then again I don’t even play the hive anymore

this has a different idea to that post but i understand how you thought about this a duplicate, he’s talking about npcs and menus in the server im talking about vanilla and outside of the server

so normal minecraft but in hive’s art style like what bare bones did with the trailer but hive does what they do but for a texture pack