Idea for new hub title


My idea is to give every player a hub title that says (or similar to) “Buzzing since (the year they first joined the hive)”. I don’t know if this info is documented in the hive database, but I thought it would be a cool memento to the player as well as showing off how long ago they started playing

More information:

Thank you for any consideration this might receive!

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It is documented btw

I think this would be pretty cool idea, the hib titles might get pretty long tho

Nice idea, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to set it up as a timestamp

I think it would be cool if hive kept track of the first day you joined and awarded you with the buzzing since [year] on that day each year

I’m really confused on why people say they like the idea!

And then don’t vote for it…

But anyway it really is a cool idea and I voted!

because just because you like the idea doesn’t mean you have to vote for the idea.

Do we really need to know when someone has first played Hive?

Then why even bother replying to the post…

because you were “confused”

Oh sorry,
I meant why would they even reply to the post, if all they say is they like it, but don’t give any reasons or ideas that would make the vote for it

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oh ok, my bad.

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I think this is an amazing idea!

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For any that really like this idea, don’t forget to vote! It shows how much you’d want to see it become a thing and helps the right people find the post from the popularity of votes.

really good idea!

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Really good idea and voted
Possible alteration is with the timestamp be the numerical shortened dates. So for example ‘buzzing since 24/6/20’ being the 24th of June 2020


I belive it would be a tool for moderators to use to see if an account may be an alt

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I don’t know if the date of joining the server is documented, but the dates of joining games are. Edit:Turns out hive tools exists

Anyway I think it should just say the year, e.g. Hiving Since 2019

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