Idea for Just Build•-•

•-• so ever have that teammate that was putting wool down and you concrete?

My idea is to add a double chest that fills itself with whatever block you have had in your hand•-•


Teammate can use same blocks as you without searching it themselves.

Removed items from your hotbar can easily be found there•-•

Affects solos and duos in a positive way imo•-•/

This sounds like a good ideas, idk if the ability’s of bedrock would handle this tho

You can just edit the controls to set one of your button to “Pick Block” which will copy the block in front of you to your hand when in creative mode


Yes, I do this all the time. No need for a chest when you have pick block :wink:

this may have been patched, but I remember not being able to use pick block on the hive(I had it bound at that time), but I dont even have it bound now, so idrk