I think hive should add fans for trapping and killing

They would be good in use

sorry I don’t see many potentials on it. Can you please elaborate it more?

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Maybe like the player can place it and theres a special type of button which allows the fan to turn on full power

This still makes no sense.

He means a fan you place down that blows people away, but they dont really fit into skywars (there’s some java mods for them) for some reason I know ssundee used them in a mob farm is skyfactory idk y

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honestly nemo does the job already
Plus fans are impractical if you’ve compared it to nemo

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It depends on what game you are suggesting gets fans. This would be a cool feature in DeathRun, but would be complicated and confusing in a game like SkyWars or TreasureWars. They are used in the arcade hub, though, so I don’t think adding this is high on the priority list

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look at the category tag and maybe that’s what it’s suggested for

Wow I didn’t see that lol. Sorry

Then I guess no for skywars

Nemos though? There not for trapping (sometimes.) you need to wait for the player,but fans you can actually hide it somewhere and chill somewhere secret whilst the player gets to the place where the fan is. Is this a bit more reasonable?

don’t double post. just edit your previous post

That’s less reasonable, that would honestly change the game entirely, if your able to trap people and get kill credit while either afk or fighting other people