I play the server so much that I can understand

improve the hive server

Hello HiveMC
There is much more to tell you

  1. Your only provide free customs It is very rare that a mount is given away. I would like to say one thing that many people do not spend money for mount. You should give away the flying mount for free. Or you can bring a new free mount which you can take to complete the missions, then more people will play in the server. And you should also give hints to people. Or you should also give a puzzle. This will take time for people to solve and will make them play longer.

  2. You should bring a 1v1 match to the server.

  3. Sometimes you should also organize big events in which people will get good customs for 15 days and 7 days after completing the events.

  4. Now let’s come to the point. You should separate the servers
    Means- separate server for Pc players
    Separate server for mobile players

Because the people who play in Pc They can easily defeat mobile players.Write down your suggestion here, keep it short]

**Hive games
you should add a map to hive server.

I mean - hive server map
Reason - 1ST⟩ all players will be able to complete free events by looking at the map. 2ND⟩ Everyone will learn about the location of hive and explore more.
3RD⟩ Many people play hide and seek in the server, it will be easy for them also.

There are many more reasons. but the real reasons are these.
written By- X POCO LOCO3328 :handshake:

[Include any other information that you think is relevant here]

hello Welcome to forums! The best way to get a mount is to wait for the block Friday bundle that was how I got mine and it is a exclusive mount a mount might not be in this years but I hope that they will have a mount.

Welcome to Forums! (and by me)

I really admire that you dream things like these (especially something like the skill separation and the free mounts). But lets say the truth. They wont do these things (or most of them, the best scenario).

Im an andriod pe player (that means that I WILL NEVER be able to get minecoins without paying with irl money), so I really support the idea.

I will vote this idea, because, as they say in my language “εκτρέφω φρούδες ελπίδες” (I have fake hopes (something like this in translation)). Dont forget to vote your own ideas too.

First, it’s not suggested to have different ideas in one topic.
And for each one.

  1. The Hive needs to make money to support their server, so something must be paid. You can just spend 1690 minecoins for the lifetime Hive+, and by doing quests you can obtain every obtainable costumes theoretically. Not many things on Hive should be obtained by spending money. (Oh and I want to tell you that they do give away a free mount once). Also if you want to make people play longer, I guess the better way is to update permanent content that the community love.
  2. Isn’t Bridge Solo have this? And Hive had duels before I’m not sure if they will bring back
  3. They do have big events, like every year’s Halloween and winterfest, not to mention something like Sonic Event. Now they need to focus on updates like Bedwars so they may not have time to organize big events at the moment
  4. That’s what I want, all my friends are pc and console and whenever I play with them I just got smashed. But I guess the way to solve this is to implement ibmm for every game, and don’t shut it off if there are not enough players(the current pbmm will be turned off if the players is too few and I still need to fight pc😒)
    And…I didn’t understand your idea about map

Thanks for posting your ideas!

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