I guess I broke treasure wars

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Treasure Wars

What is the bug?
Chronologically, here’s what happened: I made my way to a shopkeeper to buy resources. Upon opening the shopkeeper, the menu came up for a split second and then disappeared, and then the game “stopped working” for me. I do not know if it affected any other players. When the game went into this state, my inventory was wiped, I became invincible, right clicking on blocks was changing them into different blocks (another user suggested that the blocks were turning into the same blocks as the hub, as if the map was turned into the hub but the blocks needed updated), the game timer was stuck at 22:15, and the game info (the action bar text above the hotbar) disappeared. Some users think I lagged out, while others think not because a Hive ad for twitter was broadcasted in chat as seen in the video attached.

Unfortunately, I did not record the events as they happened, only slightly afterward. I described everything that happened off camera above that I visibly saw.

Also, an explanation of how or why this happened, if you know, would be awesome as it astonished me this sort of thing happened.

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there :wave:

This issue has now been fixed :slight_smile: