How to revive Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is currently going through a dry spell, but there are many ways that can be fixed! Here are some ideas.

1: Bring block buyables. These were very popular in Java and for a good reason, it gave you a much wider variety of blocks you could choose from.

2: Make Doors work. They typically cover small rooms of the map that can be nice hiding places if we were to be able to open them.

3: The most common suggestion of all, bring back some popular Java maps. I am aware that some in the team have voiced that they are old and not up to the standards, but that doesn’t change the fact that a majority of people who voice their opinions, would LOVE to have some popular Java maps return.

4: 24 player games. I know this probably wouldn’t do too well on the small maps, but thats where the Java maps would help. It is sadly very common to find people who quit the moment they get caught, having a bigger playercount would hopefully negate that, it also just makes the game feel a lot more alive with more people to try and find.

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Hide and Seek gets around 1k-1.5k players a day. The reason you might see it dropping a bit is because BedWars has been getting a lot more attention. Once the hype has died down for BW, Hide will get a more sturdy playercount.


Thats probably true, but just because it is doesn’t mean Hide and Seek shouldn’t be updated. The ideas I sent I have only ever seen people agree with when asked. (apart from doors but thats never asked lol). These are things that have already been made years ago, and the buyables received resounding positivity.


new maps have absolutely nothing on lotus and animal village. those were the times :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah, I recently joined Bedrock and what I notice about the Bedrock maps is there aren’t many “hiding spaces” and more just blocks vomited in piles. Harvest for example has leaves and hay as hiding blocks, and there are probably 500 leaves on the map and hay is just in piles. In Construction there are random brick and terracotta piles everywhere. It just seems less like finding a really nice spot to blend in with and more finding a pile of your block.

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