How netherite coule be added

there could be a spellbook that gives you netherite armor for about a minute or less that provides slightly reduced knockback. I think the book should be a rare occurrence from opening the mystery chest at mid

No, because combining would be a nightmare

Maybe there could be netherite ore which is only found in the middle section

You mean Ancient Debris? Netherite ore isn’t a thing

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the hive has no plans to add netherite in a normal game of SkyWars.

However, Netherite has been used in the Hive, like how Potato and Pizzas 1v1’d on stream, and Clank gave them full Netherite.

So yea, hope that helped :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m minecraft noob lol

Decent idea
If it doesn’t get added the yts must promise to not use netherite

When pizzas and potatopie got netherite on their stream clank or one of the staff had said they will find a way to implement netherite on the hive,so maybe in the future we might get netherite

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Netherite is not usually used in public servers such as the Hive, 'cause most people like old things of Minecraft such as diamond, which came in 0.31 (Java Edition).