How do i buy stuff on tw without using cursor

Cause on other ytbers dont use the cursor they can buy stuff quick in tw shop can you help me what key do i press and how do i do it mine i have the ytbers don’t so can you help me so i can use tw shop quick

I am pretty sure youtubers use cursors, I think they don’t make cursor visible while recording the video. So you think they don’t use it, but they do use it. Is what I think

Umm im not sure
Cause i see them spam like idk what control they use

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They use mouse lmao

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Do they use scroll wheel?

Yes I buy stuff that way too

Do they do it?

Thats what im looking for the scroll wheel

You still have to click…

The reason you don’t see the cursor could be one of two reasons. Either the recording software doesn’t see the mouse which is most likely the case, or they use the arrow keys on their keyboard and click enter. Have a nice day!

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TAB key? idk try it

use lmb and look left and right to spam

i think that if you use the sroll button to click, you will be making an unfair advantage to the other players. You can be punished for that.

I don’t see the disadvantage on it.

can you give me the specific rule?

idk a specific rule that says about that, but if someone reports you and staff members see the high cps they can think that you’re autoclicking.