Hives 6th birthday reward: "Party Bee" pet

For hives 6th birthday I think the reward for logging in or completing some sort of challenge should be getting a Party Bee pet!

This pet could be basically a cubee or a simpler version of it with either a cake or a party hat or something on its head.

It could also come with an animation where its blowing one of those party blowing things.

This might be too big of a reward just for logging in or completing a challenge, so maybe they could make this part of some sort of birthday bundle thats only availabe for a limeted amount of time around the hives birthday which would be kind of like the block friday bundle where it comes with verious cosmetics.

Anyway thats it for this post but i think this is a really good idea and i would appreciate if you could vote for it so hive could do this (ps. If someone could make a model for the party bee pet that would be amazing!)

Any model? Sounds cool anyways