Hive Translation Team!

Hive New Translation Team:

The Team will translate everything on hive to their own language

What will the translation team translate?

They will translate all the english in the game,in hive article,or discord chat to their own language,it will very helpful if someone don’t understand english!

Where We Can find the translator?

We should pick people among the players to be translators! We were able to recruit translators first, test whether they can help hive, and after confirming, become employees to help hive!

What jobs are there?


This is first and foremost, and he will be responsible for reading their translated articles for applicants and deciding if they can become translators.


You may get this position when your applicatio is successful! Your job is to translate the articles handed to you by hive into your language.

Senior Translator

One senior translator for each language, he will lead the translators of their language, in addition, being a senior translator can also will get the [Senior Translator] rank in the game! Can’t wait!

Is this suggestion correct? Does it help? Leave your comments!


Welcome to the forums! :cubee:

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As this would likely be a paying/ serious job it would be age 18+

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No, we should look for volunteer players in the game, of course they must be serious, as for the age of 15+ is enough


Maybe a translator and proofreader could be but I suspect that either all will be paying jobs or possibly just the Senior Translator. The rank should be better to be included as [hive] rank so it matches the developers and builders and payed staff members.

DO you know if Cubecraft translation team is a voluntary job?

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I had an idea of a setting item in the hub, u can change language, maybe a setting to make low
End devices run hive more smoothly, and hide players in hubs.

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This suggestion is correct, i think these are the best options and will help a lot.

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The Hive uses a third-party company for translations and has an intern translation team for improving/fixing the translations the professional translators made.

Whilst it would be cool to have the Translation Team be public and I would love to see this being added, I dont think The Hive will do this unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you currently find any translation bugs or you think something should be improved you can post it in #translation-bugs after reading its rules and guidelines. :)

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  1. Can I translate Thai language
  2. Can be 15+ translator
  3. Can I do with self ( proofreader, translator )

Because I’m Thai. I use thai is the native language I can translate form English to my own language. By the way, Nobody interest this and I can’t find them even my friend :sob: