Hive+ sucks but I know some suggestions to make it better

I get it the hive wants to be the least Eula inflicting featured server out there and I respect that but what I don’t respect is the lack of anything valuable in the hive plus rank other than some exclusive channel on the discord and there so called exp boost witch I don’t believe in and then giving regulars cs was the worst idea ever and I don’t really care about the costumes you get but I am not here to rant about the problem with hive+. I am here to tell the hive staff some features they can give to hive+ members starting with the simple ones.

  1. Replay cinema oh wait hive already confirmed that they don’t want to make this part of hive plus well maybe make it so if you have hive plus you can keep replay cinema forever after you pay for it or wait yer nvm the staff will totally ignore the first one now.

  2. Make the skywars bundle or any future bundle part of hive plus. Okay it’s sounds dumb but I am only saying this one because it kind of makes sense or maybe now these have already probably been suggested.

Onto the fun stuff now.

  1. Make a hive beta exclusively to hive+ members where they can test new games that are coming out.

  2. Maybe add certain minigames in mixed arcade only for hive+ users.

  3. Add small extra features for every hive minigame like example murder mystery, hive and seek and deathrun double the chance to get murder or sheriff, hide and seek double the chance to get seeker and deathrun double the chance to be the trapper/death idk what it’s called.

Idk what else to say tbh and I know none of these suggestions will ever be added but I really want hive+ to be worth it’s 8 pounds for me before I go insane and want a refund. Witch I know I can’t get one. ):

pay to play is the worst thing a server can do


Thsi would make the Hive more like Pixel Paradise so no

Also, I don’t know why, this just feels wrong. It would be unfair for the non-Hive+ players


Bruh now everybody who doesn’t have hive+ will start begging like crazy,I might even need to myself so no these features should not be added.Also most of these where suggested before and staff already said they won’t be added.

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Now I really regret buying hive+. Welp now it’s just watching this thread go down to flames

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Well there are cool features in hive+:
-xp boosters (great for grinding)
-x2 voting power (great for playing on your favorite map)
-more custom servers (great for playing with friends)

Just to list a few

They aren’t adding this

There’s a reason it was separate, so probably no

What? No, that’s reserved for partners and staff

Pay to play

Pay to win

All of these seem like just a waste of the hives time. Hive plus already gives great features, and adding these suggestions will make the server pay to win


You should’ve looked more into it before you bought it

I did though I bought it for cs now that regulars get cs makes me frustrated

Hive plus gives you more cs time than people with regular rank

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But I wouldn’t need to make so many cs anyways

I am not making a server on the hive

Well next time you buy something actually read the product description.


Lol I don’t think the product description said we will soon give regulars the ability to make cs at least at the time I bought it

Regulars always had the ability to make cs’s

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Not when I bought hive plus

No way that’s true right
someone help me

Dude stop lying your in the wrong I bought hive plus like last year 2021

regulars were able to create cs over 15 months ago


Dude I’m lying now?