Hive Skywars(15 characters)

I recently played the Java Hive skywars, and it was pretty smooth and straightforward, except for a few things—

  • all islands were 40 blocks away from each other

  • there were no blocks in chests(or could be rngesus not liking me)

  • mid chests weren’t that great

  • there weren’t any kill buffs(strength/regen on kill)

So if it’s not that I just had bad luck and these things aren’t true, I would ask the devs to:

Make islands closer together, around 10 blocks away

Put blocks in chests

Make mid chest armor pieces have at least protection 2

Add strength 1 and regeneration 2 for 7s

Again, if my luck is simply stupid I apologise.

SkyWars for bedrock is already coming up soon as you can see on the Official Roadmap.

Actually, I see where you are trying to go here.
this should have been on Java Forums.

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he knows that skywars is coming lol

he’s saying that he tried hive skywars on java and we know skywars on bedrock will be like skywars on java so he’s making suggestions for bedrock (if i’m correct, this is what i got from his topic)

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Why is this on #suggestions then?

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As other users have stated above, ryan is fully aware skywars is coming. The reason this is on suggestions is because it is stated on the road map that bedrock skywars will be “java like” so he was suggesting an improvement they could make for skywars on bedrock, as it wasn’t an ideal feature in java skywars. Hope I cleared up any confusion.

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Personally I feel like the Java SkyWars is mostly fine as it is for Bedrock but I’m sure they’ll make some modifications.

Like, firstly you can get blocks pretty easily from ores or mining on your island (trees are usually there to make wood) or you can even get bridge builders from iron ore.

Putting islands closer together is fair enough but I wouldn’t go for that close because then the game’ll be over real fast. They’re further apart so you have time to gather materials and get to mid.

There’s also an enchant table in mid on Java so there’s no need to put enchantments on items - This would make users who rush to mid way too overpowered in comparison to other players. Players in mid already have the advantage of being able to enchant and get useful things from the ender chest, plus the vanilla chests do contain things like potions and golden apples in mid whereas they wouldn’t on your island.

Furthermore, we actually did used to have stronger enchantments available on the enchant table but it was making people too overpowered early on in the game. Like, us seasoned players knew exactly how much lapis we’d need for the best enchantments which wasn’t fair on everyone else.

I do agree that maybe giving a couple hearts back when you kill someone would be useful, though.


yes that is correct

I did not know that. That definitely changes things, thanks for telling me!

I was probably just not used to it, breaking the trees(with spawn kits) would be a cool meta I guess

isn’t…skywars supposed to be fast?


Yeah it’s not super obvious especially since not all maps have wood on the spawn islands. Most of them do though so a lot of people will just break a couple and make some planks. c: I’m lazy and mine iron until I get a bridge builder or some blocks but either way it is fairly easy to get blocks once you know where to look!

I mean, for Java Hive it’s usually it’s like a Treasure Wars length game or a bit shorter. I wouldn’t consider it a long game but I wouldn’t say it’s a quick game either, generally speaking. The average time on the Java server I’m pretty sure is listed at 10-30 minutes. :slight_smile: Personally I think the general speed of the game is fine as it is so I wouldn’t rush that by moving islands closer. Especially since that makes it easier for people to go around rushing which I think makes it unfair on newer or less-skilled players.

I’m not opposed to the idea but I wouldn’t bring it in as much as you suggested, personally :o

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