HIVE Skyblocks?

Custom SkyBlocks

(Now before you say anything, I know cubecraft and other servers have already done this. I’m just throwing it out there. These are some options that came to mind. Also please read it through before commenting)

Hive SkyBlocks

(Single player or Co-op)

(Custom Biomes)
You have the selection of: Jungle, Mesar, Swamps, Snowy Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga

You can make your island private or public so others can join.
{Max players is 8}

To achieve or move forward you must complete curtain main quest given to you.

(PvP arena)
There is a big wide area where others can fight or make allies to get achievements and level up.

(Public Auction)
People gather or make deals with other players to get crazy goods.

By getting Xp from the quests you can purchase mini helpers. (High price of 1000Xp)

(Public Fishing and Public Mines)
In certain areas in the Skyblocks Hub area, you can fish and mines where you can get xp and level up.

Curtain events where peeps can win special stuff or special keys to get stuff!

Now I’m not saying that these should be in skyblocks but just suggesting some Ideas. If they added Skyblocks the player count would triple in size! I will say though Hive should make it more unique in their own kind of skyblocks.

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no srry cuz hive mini games is about quick games/mini games and not something like a long time game

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