Hive should add ranked minigames

Hive should add ranked Minigames

Hive should add ranked minigames, because it makes the game more challenging and fun. At the start, you start un ranked, but as you keep playing ranked, you get higher ranks. You can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal in skywars or other minigames. You can rank down too, to make it more challenging. But once you hit Unreal, you can’t rank down. That is what I think of ranked minigames.

I like this suggestion, but i feel like reaching ‘unreal’ could be rigged easily, and all the lobbies would be messed up. People would reach it with help from their friends, but when they play normally, they suck, etc.

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I like this idea, but instead of bronze and above, why not tiered like tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, and so on to maybe 10, or represent tiers with Minecraft mobs. Also, it should be ranked by kills, not wins for PvP game modes, and stuff like blocks broken for block drop, or projectiles thrown/kills in ground wars, just anything not to do with wins, cause we can already access that in the /leaderboard command.


@kingcjt98 Yes, it’s not counting on the wins. In block party, it’s how many rounds can you survive. In skywars, it’s counting on your kills.

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@IzzyBuildz It’s your choice if you want to play ranked or not. Wait for your friends or just play it by yourself. It’s your decision.

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Ranked hub?

There might be already better approach than these but only in normal games, like Prestiges. You can progress and prestige up to Prestige 5