Hive Rules Update!

Hello There Fellow Bees! :beedance: :beedance: :beedance:

I just found out that there is a lot of people didn’t know about 10ms/Double Clicking Rules. should we get an update on Allowed and denied modifications? That Includes Allowed And Denied Modification On Mouse?

The rules say this:

  • Any form of auto clicker (this includes any use of third party software to increase your CPS)

Decreasing your debounce time is a way to increase your cps, so its already listed there, nobody should decrease their debounce time anyways.


Yep, It already listed on Hive Support.
But some people still think that using mouse software to increase your cps is allowed.
Maybe Im Gonna Update It Like This.

  • Any form of increasing your CPS using an auto clicker or 3rd party software to lowering your debounce time which means increasing your CPS and makes your mouse double clicking, (The debounce time should be on 10ms or the default setting of your mouse)

The only reason somebody would lower their debounce time to to increase their CPS
They can only do this by using third party software
I feel like its pretty clear that you shouldn’t be lowering debounce time.
Even if somebody wants to lower it, they should probably ask a staff member for the specifics

Yep, that was true.
I just want the rules to be more clear about Debounce/Double Clicking regulation. :smiley:

these rules are very, very clear. I see no issues here, as shadow said, its a, piece of third party software, that is being used to increase cps.

arguably, its more clear than your version, which arguably says that increasing your cps via using an autoclicker to lower your debounce time is not allowed(ik it makes no sense, but thats what their version of the rules say), but it does not say that an autoclicker is not allowed

also, I should mention, that most of the players probably dont even know that there are rules available to view online, so making them better does very little.


Yeah, Thanks For The Advise!