Hive-O-Ween 2020 Ghost Invasion Costume

You all remember Ghost Invasion that appear on server only at Halloween. And I find it strange that this game haven’t got max costume (like Humbug and Groundhog).

Reward for 20 level in this game is - Spooperhero Hub Title. My idea make this hub title unlockable at level 19, and new reward for 20 level is - Exclusive GI costume! I think it pretty awesome, because other Limited Time Games (Snow/Ground Wars) have Max level costume!

UPDATED: If admins think this unbalanced way to get costume, they can increase level cap or make XP level up slower (like Ground Wars)

I believe there was a costume for the first year of GI, but I didn’t play back then

I don’t think so, the black cat costume was for the pumpkin hunt.

No, there isn’t any max level costumes, both for 2018 and 2019.

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Yes it is! But there isn’t for Ghost invasion