Hive + nicking

hive + should be able to nick

I think us hive +s should be able to nick to prank our friends

not only would this be fun it would also help smaller content creators such as aco or mason who haven’t reached 5k yet

overall I just think nicking sounds fun and it could attract more (bees/players) to buy it

This is a nice idea but you forgot something:

Hackers or people who are mean in chat would be impossible to identify since they could pretend to be someone else.
So you cant really report them then.

So I think it is a nice idea but should not be added to Hive

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i think they could get around that though

maybe we could by a nicking rank for like 5 bucks or a yearly subscription to say be able to nick once a week or something like that

This is not something we’ll be looking to implement, mainly for player safety reasons.