Hive mounts

Hive mounts are too expensive i have plus rank even i dont have any pet any mounts are mounts overpriced? They should lower the prise i waited for april i thought i can get a free mount but that was not the case

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It has already been officially stated that no mounts are going to be obtainable for free, besides possibly April Fools’ joke mounts. I also believe that they will not change the price of mounts, as pay-cosmetics are the main source of the Hive’s income, which allows them to keep activities like Replay Cinema, Custom Servers, and BedWars up and running.

the april fools things are meant to be useless, like the rock pet that doesnt do anything whatsoever and the chair mount that doesnt even let YOU move. a new april fools mount is unlikely as what could they really do?

if you think mounts are too expensive, consider this: hive is in no way a pay-to win or pay-to-play server ahem mineville, pixel paradise, cubecraft and you need to pay for server hosting (which isnt cheap, especially for such huge player capacities. how can hive get money? a rank with benefits and exclusively paid cosmetics that are actually good.

then buy one or get lucky and get gifted one. if you dant have money to get something you really want, do something to get some; theres always work to be done somewhere that you can get paid for, whether in the house or for a neighbor.

either way, if they lower the price they may lose money from it, even if demand goes up with the lowered price. just be glad they dont have you pay to play a minigame that you could get the skills to make yourself, like mineville, or make you pay every useless cosmetic, like cubecraft

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There are a lot of hive plus around 200k players if all hive+ gets lowered price for mounts lr any cosmetics then the server would go in loss because hive server pays the developer and builders to work

So yea no one can get reduced price