Hive Moderator Tips

Does anyone have any advice on how to get Mod? It’s been a live long dream! I would do anything to get Mod!

Mods are hand-picked by the staff manager. If you want to be a moderator, then you have to check you have the exact requirements to apply for helper, and then send your helper application.

Also, why is this on suggestions? This category was meant to be used if you had an idea for anything that should be added to the server.


First, you can post this in #off-topic

Second, you can’t apply for the mod rank. Mods are hand picked by the staff team. However most mods were originally helpers. You can apply for that by visiting

If you get accepted, you can become a moderator by being a very good helper.


Best suggestion ever, this needs to be added! /s


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As said, moderators are hand-picked by the Staff Manager, it is not a role that can be applied for. However, if you meet the requirements you can apply for the Helper position. Requirements for the role as well as the application link can be found here.
You can find helpful advice ahead of applying for Helper, here. You can also find a support page of frequently asked questions here.
Note that you should not apply for the Helper role with the intention to become a Moderator. Helpers are not intended to become moderators.