Hive lounge in hub

In the hive hub maybe one week every month a door will appear where the fountain underneath the games use to be this could be the hive lounge with some requirements to enter each week when you enter you get a really cool area with some couches and more maybe a reward? Anyway this is just an idea


This sounds…



Just like the door from winter, halloween etc.! I think this should be available for premium members (with a rank that is not regular, which includes hive+) and that have at least maxed out one gamemode. Then they get access in, maybe they could have a item in their hotter slots with a “keycard” for it. Then inside there will be couches and lounges and then if there are staff members inside the lounge they can open the next door leading to /tp where they can tp you to the hive sign or give you /fly…

Ok I know I got a bit carried away on the last bit but that is what I think could be inside it and how to get in.

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Ok so some of the ways you could get in for the week could be
Get level 40 sky
Have 300 wins tw
Kill the seeker 30 times hide

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a cool kids club of sorts…?


oo interesting idea, would be interesting to actually see in game!

every lounge needs a cowch.



I’ve done that only 1 time lmao

No it needs a fowbench

Yes great idea. I do think that maybe players with Hive + are the ones that can acceses it. Maybe it can have mini parkour inside the lounge or maybe some mini interactable features, or maybe old models for textures like the old item shop npc from TW and Murder Mystery and others too. But it would be permanent and maybe it could be the room behind the chair in the castle.

i would love this im of course voting

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sounds amazing i think it could be a lounge for everyone thats not the default rank
so the people that can access it are Hive plus staff and social media ranks
it could be a place where you could get extra challenges maybe? like the questmaster?
im actually really excited about the idea of this
maybe in this lounge there could be a fake bookcase or something like in mm that leads onto some parkour thats gives you a title such as the beetastic parkourer idk
as i said im really excited about the idea of this

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So this would technically be a place for hubratting for every rank except regular. Maybe some implementations like small mini games or other features suggested in the posts above would make it more than that, but i feel that would make this a subtle pay to play

Still, it’s an interesting idea

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i dont want to repeat the same joke but just filling the room with cowches sounds hilarious

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This idea is cool so I voted

Lol this actually became a thing with the V.I Bee lounge

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