Hive? I've never seen this

Hey there :wave:

Could you possibly provide some more information about what happened here?

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Green isnt supposed to have a treasure.


Lol look in the top corner and you can see that there’s no green team on


i have never seen this happen there is no green team but green has a treasure?

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Did green never spawn into the game (sometimes when there aren’t enough players, a team doesn’t spawn) or did the entire green team leave?


i agree with this^^^^^^


This is exactly why I’ve asked for more information, the screenshot alone doesn’t give us much to go off :sweat_smile:

As much as I know you all mean well, please avoid commenting with guesses when more information is requested like this :+1:


In all fairness, all we can do is guess at this point, as the original poster probably only got a screenshot, and knows little more than we do

and half of the new users on the forums make one thread and never come back, so we’d be lucky to get a reply


Is it just me

Or is no one going to talk about how there is no tag above the generators and they aren’t spawning gold.

Edit: Sure, you could say that’s because there is no green team, but it’s still a worry

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oh anyway I forgot about this topic after I saw it. So once in a solos game my first rush had a treasure but no one was there. The generator didn’t work but there was text above it. I did get a clip but deleted it later :C

Please submit another report if you come across this issue again.